Rental ARTROMOT K1 Kinetec

Motorized equipment for continuous passive movement. Allows the mobilization of hip and knee joint through an extension / flexion movement. Its use is an important complement to therapeutic medical treatment.

  • EXTENSION / FLYING KNEE -10º /0º/120º
  • EXTENSION / FLANGE ANCA 0º/7º/115º

Therapeutic indications

The mobilization equipment is suitable for the treatment of the most common knee and hip joint injuries, postoperative and joint disorders, such as:

  • Distortions and joint contractions;
  • Arthrotomies and artoscopy in combination with synovectomy, arthrosis and other intraarticular measures;
  • Mobilization of the joint during narcosis;
  • Operatively cured fractures, pseudoarthrosis and adaptation operations;
  • Plastic of cruciform ligaments;
  • Endoprosthesis implants;

Therapeutic goals

Mobilization therapy is primarily aimed at avoiding immobilisation damage, early retrieval of joint-free mobility, as well as to facilitate a faster recovery process with good results.

  • Improvement of joint metabolism;
  • Prevention of joint tightening;
  • Promote the restoration and healing of cartilaginous areas and ligament injuries;
  • Acceleration of hematoma reabsorption;
  • Improvement of lymphatic and blood circulation;
  • Prevention of thrombosis and embolism;

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