Hire Magnetotherapy

General description
Magneto Therapy using low frequency pulsed magnetic fields is said by many medical reports to be a valid physical therapy with positive biological effects, especially indicated in the treatment of bone fractures and inflammatory and chronic degenerative diseases.
Low-frequency magnetic fields (ELFs) act as induced microcurrents.
To explain the interaction between the living organism and the magnetic fields, we often resort to the theory of "biological crystals" and the crystalline crystalline structures of cell membranes which have piezoelectric properties that transform the magnetic variation applied to varying their electrical state.
Magnetotherapy (ELF) is characterized by:
▪ Low frequency
▪ Negligible electric field
▪ Low power radiated
▪ Negligible thermal effects
▪ High penetration in the tissues.
Regarding the general therapeutic parameters, relatively low frequencies and relatively higher intensity are normally required to achieve a biostimulant effect, while higher frequencies and lower intensity are preferred to achieve an analgesic and / or sedative effect. The frequencies and mean intensities are applied in the stimulation of arterial circulation.

The application times vary according to a ten-minute pathology for multi-hour arthralummal forms for pseudoarthrosis and the number of sessions for a few days for treating acute inflammatory processes at a few months for illnesses such as pseudoarthrosis.
The MAGNETO base is a low frequency magnetotherapy device (ELF) designed for home-based applications for the patient or for personal use specially suited for therapies requiring long-term treatments and / or long-term sessions, or therapies for traumatized patients Or still immobilized And therefore can be difficult to reach a physiotherapy study.
The apparatus consists of two parts: a square wave electric generator with variable frequency (2-5-10-20-50-100 Hz) and a ratio between the pulse duration and the semi-period variable ( 20-40-60-80-100%), and a pair of transducers that transform the electric current into a magnetic field.
The polarities of the magnetic field are indicated on the transducers so that they can be used individually or with a coherent concatenated field (ie a transducer above the part to be treated and one below, the transducers oriented with the same polarity) to add the fields Products.
The maximum intensity of the magnetic field produced is constant, while the average intensity value of the field is varied Through the variation of the relative emission time. The maximum intensity of each transducer is equal to the value of the nominal magnetic field, while the average intensity is equal to half of that value since the maximum emission time is 50% of the period.
The maximum mean value is equivalent to the nominal value on the contact surface of the two transducers placed in a stack with a consistent polarity, condition in which the maximum value is equal to twice the nominal value due to the sum of the two fields. Of course, the intensity of the field varies with the distance from the surface of the transducers.
The MAGNETO base device is fully managed and microprocessor-controlled. It also has a safety device that interrupts the outputs in case of short-circuit.

Intended use
The MAGNETO base magnetotherapy equipment is intended for temporary use for therapeutic physiotherapy treatments by means of low frequency magnetic field generators.