REHAB HEALTH LAB - Operational Laboratory for Research and Development of Methodologies and Technologies for Autism and Disabità

The REHAB HEALTH LAB Laboratory is an operational unit of the Ginestre Villa Center.
Laboratory research, training and clinical applications are carried out in the area of ​​psychopathology of development, disability and socio-emotional discomfort, dealing with disorders of pervasive developmental processes, cognitive and learning disorders, couple therapies Caregiver-child, parenting support work.

Qualified personnel and available equipment (test material, software for experimental tasks) make it possible to evaluate and rehabilitate different aspects of the individual's psychic functioning.

The clinical research experience and the link with healthcare services ensure recruitment of samples for research and training of operators and therapists. Finally, experience in the field of rehabilitation and therapeutics is indispensable for the interpretation of the results of the various researches in application.

Scientific Committee (content being updated)

Annamaria Schena
Luigi Ugliano
Simona Di Gestore
Rossella Capone
Pezzella Salvatore
Carmen Molaro

External experts

Lucio De Paolis - University of Lecce
Giuseppe Santoro - Protom Group

Scientific manager
dott.ssa Flavia Indrio