The activities
Electromedical equipment
Sports rehabilitation

The Activities

The Center performs activities aimed at subjects suffering from physical, psychological and sensory disorders.

The "Villa delle Ginestre" Rehabilitation Center is authorized to deliver, ex. Article 26 Law 833/78 (Law 11/84) in outpatient, domiciliary and seminary form in agreement with SSN

The most frequently treated diseases are:
- mental retardation;
- motor disabilities of neurological and orthopedic origin;
- chromosomal syndromes;
- damage to the brain;
- cognitive, emotional and behavioral disorders;
- neuropsychological disorders;
- sensory and neurosensory disorders;
- communication disorders;
- learning disabilities.

The Center shall provide under L.11 / 84 ex. Art 26 L. 833/78 ° at outpatient regimen and domicile the following benefits:
1. FisioKinesiterapia;
2. Respiratory / Neuromotor Therapy / Cardiology;
3. Neuropsomotomy;
4. Logopedia;
5. Occupational Therapy (individual and group);
6. Neuropsychological Rehabilitation (Individual and Family Psychotherapy);
7. semiconvitto.

Such treatments are provided in agreement with S.S.N ..
Psychotherapy treatments unauthorized by S.S.N. Are privately disbursed.

Also, among the semiconvittual activities are covered:
• The psychopedagogical orientation;
• Social orientation;
• Work orientation;
• Free transport service.

The Center performs performance ex. Article 44 Law 833/78 (Basic Medicine) in outpatient and home care regimes for complex physiological conditions of physical therapy.

The Center for Performance described above adopts scientifically validated diagnostic and therapeutic protocols for major pathologies Treated based on scientific evidence of effectiveness.