The Structure guarantees access and complete fruibilit & agrave; Of spaces by all disabled users thanks to the absence of architectural barriers. The Institute's access and the location of the various places are clearly indicated. In the Structure there is a waiting room and an area for the reception and information of the User.

Center Equipment

The equipment of the Center is qualitatively and quantitatively adapted to the needs of the Company and ensures the correct and effective processing of the required treatments.

Depending on the institutional purpose and type of use, there are:
A) Equipments, gaps and technological resources suitable for performing performance, physiotherapy, speech therapies, neuropsychotics, psychotherapeutic occupational therapy; B) Electromedical Equipment for Physical Therapy Supporting Therapeutic Exercise.

The structure & egrave; Away from architectural barriers and easy to reach for all Handicap and Disabled carriers. The center & egrave; Equipped with Sanitary Services and specific facilities to make it agile and comfortable for any move with special touchscreen walkways for the blind (System Loges) and visual-tactile maps (Braille Language).


• Security systems complying with ministerial regulations;
• Air conditioning;
• Toilet facilities adapted to the needs of all types of utilities, ie lacking architectural barriers - as for law;